Green Juice

I bought a heap of fruit and veggies at the local market yesterday and spent the afternoon making a big batch of juice. Juicing can be a pain in the bum when you only do a small load. The prep and the clean up takes longer than the juicing part and that’s just not my style. I like to go hard and keep litres in my fridge for the week, bottled up so they’re easy to grab on the way out the door or for those random hunger bouts I get between doing tasks throughout the day.

My absolute favourite juice is two parts orange, two parts apple and one part kale. I could literally live off it. But there’s so many variations you can do on green juice. Have a play with different fruit and veg and see what you like.

Green Juice One

– 2 parts Orange

– 2 parts Apple

– 1 part Kale

– Squeeze of lemon

Green Juice Two

– 2 parts Apple

– 1 part Cucumber

– 1 part Baby spinach leaves

– Squeeze of lime

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