Mental Health & Tonic

Time is precious. Mental health is real.

My ‘The Timekeeper‘ watch has finally arrived and I want to shout about it. Mental illness is not spoken about enough. It is a topic that sits very close to my heart. My dearest friend is currently in a locked ward in the psychiatric unit of a hospital, going through a horrible psychosis. She’s young, she’s studying at university, she’s a beautiful soul. And she’s going through hell. Millions of other young people around the world are struggling with mental health problems too. Mental health issues effect most of us at some point through our lives. It is not something to be ashamed of. It just is. And everyone can help is many different ways. donates 100% of their profits to mental health support for young people in need. If only the world had more brands like this, funding would be so much better for mental health patients. They’ve so generously offered me a code to share. You can use ‘earthandlust15’ to get 15% off these beautiful watches with all profits going to a wonderful and much needed cause.

If you or someone you know is going through a hard time, speak up about it! There are some incredible organisations out there that can help. Your true friends will never feel burdened by your pain. They’ll be there for you in it. And it’s a lot easier to go through the rough times with someone by your side.

I posted this delicious probiotic cooler recipe in my stories but if you didn’t catch it, here it goes! I love having this tonic in the early afternoons, especially on hot days. You can mix up what fruit or herbs you use, but this is my staple. Did you know that probiotics are linked with mental health?


– 500mls cold water (or soda water if you prefer)

– 2 capfuls @ponoprobiotics lychee & green tea tummy tonic

– Frozen strawberries

– Lemon

– Mint

Mix it all together and enjoy x

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